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Systemic Conformance Assurance Services (SyCAS)


Most modern complex systems especially those with electronics, computing and communication contents employed in safety and mission critical applications require assessment, assurance and certification as a precondition to authorise deployment. In practice, most computer based electronic systems cannot be safety assured purely through product type testing at the end of the production process and the safety confidence (integrity) is largely achieved through following a systematic life cycle process and competent human resources. The increasingly sophisticated and competitive international market place as well as the regulatory framework in most developed countries require adoption, implementation and assurance of conformity with a suite of quality, safety, security and environmental assurance standards. In spite of the cost, time and resource intensive nature of adoption and compliance, most safety and mission critical industries and progressive organisations lack the systematic supporting means to monitor and accumulate sufficient evidence and confidence in support of compliance cases that are essential to certification and market acceptance. As a result, many of the risks as well as the conformity arguments are relegated towards the end of the life cycle or development processes that constrain the opportunity for timely intervention and corrective actions that result in major time scale and cost escalation. The same is true for processes, procedures and life cycle phases that a programme, project or undertaking goes through.

The assurance of conformity to the company procedures, quality and a whole host of other processes and standards in manufacturing, services and even the public sectors can no longer depend on qualitative management regimes and random selection of KPIs. There’s a need to go beyond audits and ticks in the boxes as means of confidence building in large scale or complex products, projects, services and undertakings. This by necessity requires a systematic yet scalable and adaptable environment to empower duty holders to supervise and control risks whilst pursuing opportunities.

A Systems Solution

Based on extensive experience in leadership, development and application of CENELEC and IEC International standards, Vega Systems has developed an advanced graphical system for conformity assessment of any complex product or system against applicable standards, processes or suite of rules. The Systemic Conformance Assurance System (SyCAS) offers the flexibility, adaptability and systematic backbone to the otherwise qualitative management processes. It offers a range of benefits chiefly:

  • A structured and consistent process for conformity & certification
  • Supervisory and timely feedback on deficiencies against a standard, specification or process
  • Structured incremental and progressive confidence towards compliance
  • Save on the necessity for or the frequency of audits and independent assessments
  • Incremental development of the Safety/Security/Assurance arguments and cases
  • A structured means for corporate/process memory, learning and reuse
  • A repository of re-usable assurance components that can be shared globally within a large or distributed organisation
  • Significant savings on reduced risks and efficient client acceptance and approval/certification

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