Services: Overview


Our competencies define our services which are broadly characterized by a systemic and holistic approach to understanding, solving and continually monitoring advanced and cost effective risk and opportunity based solutions to the client problems. These principally comprise:

Strategic Analysis and Planning

¨    Analytical, Creative and Adaptive Strategy Development;

¨    Strategy Mapping and Performance Monitoring.

Advanced Risk Analysis, Assessment & Management

¨    Design & Implementation of Advanced Safety Assessment and Management;

¨    Identification, Analysis and Assessment of Commercial, Environmental, Safety and Security Risks in Products, Processes and Projects;

¨    Analysis and Design of High Integrity and Resilient Systems;

¨    Value Assessment & Management in R&D and Major Projects.

Systems based Safety, Security & Sustainability Assessment and Management

¨    Design and Implementation of Advanced Safety and Security Analysis, Assessment and Management Systems;

¨    Integration of Quality, Safety & Security Management Systems;

¨    Design & Implementation of Emergency and Contingency Plans;

¨    Integrity Characterisation & Assessment of Software and Hardware Systems;

¨    Design & Implementation of Business and Operations Continuity Plans.

Knowledge / Talent Assessment and Management

¨    Design & Implementation of Advanced Asset & Infrastructure Planning & Management Systems;

¨    Design & Implementation of Knowledge Capture and Management Systems;

¨    Design & Implementation of Advanced Competence Assessment and Management Systems at Individual, Team/Department and Enterprise levels.

Compliance with Standards

¨    Independent Safety and Security Assessment;

¨    Compliance Assurance against European and International Safety, Security & Sustainability Standards.

Mentoring and Training Programme

¨    Mentoring and Coaching in above domains to Senior Executives;

¨    Introductory and Master Class Training in all domains of our competencies.

The services can be customized towards the specific scope and requirements of clients and projects as appropriate. Our current portfolio is available for download in Training programme/portfolio folder in Public Documents library on Resources page. For a detailed account of the nature and structure of these services, please contact our customer services.


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