Reference Projects


Project: Ahavaz Gas Process Steel Mill , 1982-1984
Sector: Materials Handling, Steel Production
Client: Ministry of Industry, Iran
Description: Repair, Commissioning and trial runs for the unfinished material handling section of the plant comprising a control room, banks of PLCs, conveyors and MCCs.


Project: Instrumentation and Control, Sarcheshmeh Plant, 1983-1984
Sector: Copper Processing
Client: Sarcheshmeh Copper Industries
Description: Commissioning and assurance of plant instrumentation systems specifically related to front end material handling automation


Project: Safety Management Organisation, 2006-8
Sector: Railways
Client: Railway Administration HQ, Iran
Description: A comparative study followed by an effective architecture at the whole state organisation level for incorporation of safety into the organisation based on four key divisions


Project: Safety Assurance of Advanced Computer Based Interlocking, 2007-8
Sector: Control Systems and Communications
Client: CRSCD, China
Description: Training in European standards followed by project guidance and independent assessment relating to the safety assurance of an advanced generic control platform


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