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Our vision, mission and strategy have been nurtured and developed within the context of a number of world class, often strategic projects and organisations, namely:

¨    Commissioning of Material Handling of Ahvaz Steel Corporation;

¨    Design of Advanced Support Systems for UK Solid State Interlocking (SSI);

¨    Design and Development of an Advanced Model for forecasting Safety Performance of the entire UK Rail Network and Operations, Railtrack UK;

¨    Design and Development of Safety and Environmental Performance Forecasting Model for the £6 Billion West Coast Modernisation project, UK;

¨    Being appointed by CENELEC to write European Safety Standards within WGA10, WGA11, WGA2-3, WG8, SG14 & WG14 Committees;

¨    Developing a Framework for Safety Management in European Railways under SAMRail Project for the European Commission;

¨    Developing an Advanced Framework for Risk Management for European Industry within SafeRelNet Network of Excellence;

¨    Technical Consultancy on advanced processes for safety assurance of Computer Based Interlocking in two large Chinese institutions;

¨    Design and Architecture of a national safety management structure for Iranian Railways;

¨    Design and Development of a Contract Safety Assurance process and supporting Guidance for Iranian Railway Authority;

¨    Developing and Delivering Training in Risk, Safety & Security in Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Taiwan, UK and US.

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