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At the outset of the 21st century and the explosion of information and communication revolution, matters of how we represent our knowledge and skills and how we advertise and recruit for roles that require specific abilities remain distinctly anachronistic. There’s a need for disruptive and far more realistic and systemic solution in what essentially is a major driver for social change and equality of opportunities commensurate with competencies.

The problem

  • If you are hiring:
    To find the best candidates for a position, reduce uncertainty and errors, and save on time and cost of search and hiring
  • If you are looking for a job:
    To find the desired/best-fit job by ensuring you are not overlooked for the position you are interested in and qualified for

Current Approach

  • If you are hiring: 
    1. Post the job description and requirements in current form which is not suitable for efficient automated querying
    2. Search through thousands of CVs in the pool of CVs for certain keywords
    3. Search through dozens of CVs you receive from applicants for the keywords or likely matches
    4. Shortlist candidates for interview solely based on your judgment on brief and tailored CVs
  • If you are looking for a job: 
    1. Create a separate, short and carefully drafted CV for each variation of the position you are looking for
    2. On a regular basis, search through the positions posted on the job board for carefully selected keywords
    3. If you find a suitable position, tweak one of your existing CVs to better highlight qualities required for that position
    4. Submit the CV and your cover letter and hope that your relevant qualities are not missed when the hiring manager skims over your CV

Our way

Forté transforms CVs as well as job descriptions and requirements into WeFA (Weighted Factor Analysis) diagrams referred to as schemas. Schemas can be evaluated and matched against each other hence a great deal of efficiency and automation in matching. Everything you need, or want, to include in a CV will go into a single machine readable competence profile schema that can be processed and reused automatically. We focus on total competence rather than individual qualification of specific skills. In this context, competence is:

“The ability to perform a task correctly, efficiently and consistently to a high quality, under varying conditions, to the satisfaction of the end client”

  • If you are hiring: 
    1. Use Query Wizard and/or Query Editor to create a query schema by specifying what you need, how important each requirement is, which requirements are indispensable, and optionally specify filters and constraints
    2. Run the query straight away or schedule it to run later, once or repetitively; you will receive the sorted list of the best matches by email and SMS with each applicant’s strengths and weaknesses highlighted on the diagram
  • If you are looking for a job: 
    1. Use CV Wizard and/or CV Editor to create a CV schema that includes all your qualifications and everything else you want to put in your CV including experience, skills, personal and professional qualities. You can also add comments, supporting documents, and even conditions such as benefits, working hours, and commute in CV’s schema distance to your CV
    2. You can make your CV public to let employers find you and be sure that if a position comes up that you qualify for, your relevant competencies will not be overlooked, or
    3. You can make your CV private and use Job Finder tool to create and schedule queries to find the positions you like; then hand-pick the ones you want to apply
    4. You can evaluate yourself against the requirements of a posted job without applying, or against typical requirements of a sample position

Advantages of Forté

  • Graphical user interface and the ability of self-evaluation for typical requirements of different positions attract more job seekers to job boards
  • The graphical query with weighted context-sensitive criteria yields much better results when searching a large pool of CVs than current keyword-based searches. Each CV in the result includes a figure that shows its merit/score with respect to the requirements of the role and can additionally highlight applicant's areas of weakness and strength for the same requirements.
  • Job seekers need to create only one CV that includes all their knowledge, skills, experience and qualities, and use the same CV to look for all jobs that require their blend of qualifications and talents even in different industries. They do not have to remove potentially important details to keep their CV short and can be confident that their every small skill will be considered if an employer looks for it.
  • By limiting the number of CVs to one per job seeker, employers can be more confident that the skills mentioned on CV are not tailored to match the requirements of the position they want to fill
  • The one-man one-CV paradigm extends the domain for advertisers and applicants away from traditional sector focus towards global focus where matches are found based on total abilities and fitness for a role as determined by the role's competence profile

Overall, Forté offers a disruptive technology aimed at enhancing and transforming the way we represent, advertise and market human capabilities/talents and job requirements in the 21st century.

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