Corporate Social Policy


Vega Systems, a member of Pars Technology Group, prides itself with being a provider of advanced knowledge and decision support services. Our aim is to deploy knowledge and wisdom in the service of our clients, developing strategic vision, solving problems, enhancing performance and improving the safety, security, sustainability, the environment and overall quality of life. This we achieve through:

¨    Adopting a humane and socially responsible stance;

¨    Developing and deploying advanced systematic knowledge;

¨    Employing creativity, innovation and Advanced Analytics;

¨    Engaging all Stakeholders;

¨    Managing Risks whilst focusing on identifying and deploying Opportunities;

¨    Taking a holistic systems perspective on every problem that we tackle;

¨    Ensuring that our Processes and Solutions are Value Added, Novel, Practicable and Sustainable;

¨    Striving for continual enhancement in everything that we do.

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