Core Competencies


In the quest to fulfill our mission and corporate social responsibilities, we offer a number of distinctive world class competencies comprising:

¨    Analytical, Creative and Adaptive Strategy Development;

¨    Advanced Safety Assessment and Management;

¨    Advanced Security Assessment and Management;

¨    Knowledge Creation, Capture and Management Systems;

¨    Competence Assessment and Management Systems at Individual, Team and Enterprise levels;

¨    Emergency and Contingency Planning;

¨    Business and Operations Continuity Planning and Implementation;

¨    High Integrity and Resilient Systems Analysis & Design;

¨    Software and Hardware Integrity Assessment and Allocation;

¨    Commercial, Environmental, Safety and Security Risk and Reward Analysis and Assessment;

¨    Product and Process Analysis and Enhancements;

¨    Value Management;

¨    Compliance against European and International Standards;

¨    Provision of Introductory and Master Class Training in all above domains.

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