Competence Assurance System Services (CASS)


The role of human capital and ingenuity has significantly increased during the post transition to knowledge based economies as the key ingredient for growth and competitiveness. With this enhanced role, the nature of how we learn, apply the learning as well as creativity and innovation is under further scrutiny and of immense interest to private and public sectors alike. (See Competence matters more than knowledge and Agreed Competencies are Key!)

Competence is defined by the European Commission as the capacity to use effectively; experience, knowledge and qualifications. We posit that for such a key driver in the knowledge based economies’ success and prosperity, a mere definition is a poor substitute for systemic understanding and systematic treatment.

To this end, we have developed an advanced systems based framework for characterisation, communication, evaluation, assessment and development of competence at individual level. Our Competence Assurance Systems Services (CASS) is a web based service currently under development at Vega Systems. It is designed to empower enterprises to understand, analyse and develop the holistic capabilities (competency) in every member of their staff commensurate with everyone’s specific background and needs.

Click here to view the brochure of CASS. A more detailed brochure is available here.

Videos: CASS Overview CASS Employer
Software Run Through
CASS Employee
Software Run Through

The videos are also available in Public Resources library, CASS Videos folder.
The videos are available in HD upon request.



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